Michael Haggerty wrote:

> [Subject: safe_create_leading_directories(): modernize format of "if" 
> chaining]

Trivia: it's not so much modernizing as following K&R style, which git
more or less followed since day 1.  Linux's Documentation/CodingStyle

  Note that the closing brace is empty on a line of its own, _except_ in
  the cases where it is followed by a continuation of the same statement,
  ie a "while" in a do-statement or an "else" in an if-statement, like
  Rationale: K&R.

  Also, note that this brace-placement also minimizes the number of empty
  (or almost empty) lines, without any loss of readability.  Thus, as the
  supply of new-lines on your screen is not a renewable resource (think
  25-line terminal screens here), you have more empty lines to put
  comments on.

Here it's especially jarring since the function uses a mix of styles.
Thanks for cleaning it up.
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