Dear fans of Git,

this mail brings to you the good news that Git for Windows is available in
a new version:

Many, many thanks go to the tireless developers working on this
particularly hard port of Git.

Changes since Git-1.8.4-preview20130916

New Features

- Comes with Git plus Windows-specific patches.

- Windows-specific patches are now grouped into pseudo-branches which
  should make future development more robust despite the fact that we have
  had less than stellar success getting the Windows-specific patches accepted
  by upstream git.git.

- Works around more path length limitations (pull request #86)

- Has an optional stat() cache toggled via core.fscache (pull request #107)


- Lots of installer fixes

- git-cmd: Handle home directory on a different drive correctly (pull
  request #146)

- git-cmd: add a helper to work with the ssh agent (pull request #135)

- Git-Cheetah: prevent duplicate menu entries (pull request #7)

- No longer replaces dos2unix with hd2u (a more powerful, but slightly
  incompatible version of dos2unix)

In keeping with the fine tradition of making a release on the eve of a
holiday, and immediately going on vacation, it is my pleasure to wish you
all a happy new year,
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