On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 12:49:01PM -0500, shawn wilson wrote:
> What's the best way of doing this? I'd prefer this be a pre hook on
> the server that rejects and the user has to rebase and fix their
> stuff. Though, if there's some way to make it easier for users not to
> mess up (other than an alias for everything which I'll probably do
> anyway) that would be useful. Any ideas?

I don't believe the sign-on-rebase stuff ever got picked up, so at the
moment this wouldn't be a good idea, since each and every commit would
have to be manually amended.  It seems it never made it from the list
into Junio's queue whatsoever.  And the always-sign code is only in pu
at the moment.

But if you wanted to anyway, you could simply use a pre-receive hook and
walk the tree, verifying the signatures of each commit against some
canonical list of approved keys.

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