I ran into the same (or similar) problem as reported in
<http://www.spinics.net/lists/git/msg173391.html>. I have a script
that, among other things, clones a git repository. Here's where it
does that:

+ git init -q
+ git fetch -q -fu ../../../other '+refs/*:refs/*'
fatal: bad object 9b985fbe6a2b783c16756077a8be261c94b6c197
error: ../../../other did not send all necessary objects

In ../../../other:

$ git rev-parse stash@{0}
$ grep stash .git/packed-refs
9b985fbe6a2b783c16756077a8be261c94b6c197 refs/stash
$ cat .git/refs/stash

I removed the line from packed-refs and removed the refs/stash file,
and the problem went away. Restoring packed-refs or refs/stash makes
the error occur again.

When this was reported before, Thomas Rast wrote:

> Do you, by any chance, still have a copy of the upstream repo before you
> trashed the stash?  It would be interesting to know whether there was
> actually some repository corruption going on (that went unnoticed by
> fsck, no less) or if there was a bug in the transmission.

I've still got the repository, and am happy to help debug this.

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