> Sorry for the slow reply; I've been on vacation.

No worries.

> When you build your bitmaps, do you set the pack.writeBitmapHashCache
> option? We found that it makes a significant difference during the
> compression phase, as otherwise git attempts deltas between random files
> based on size. Here are some numbers for a simulated fetch from
> torvalds/linux, representing about 7 weeks of history. Running:

Yeah, I enabled this option. I don't have timings for generating the bitmap 
index without this option unfortunately (this is a pretty large repo, doing the 
full repack that I needed to do to generate the first version took 15+ minutes)

> Having been confused by it myself before, I think the magic keyword is
> "preferred base". Once you know that, the code makes more sense. :)

Ah, nice! That was pretty confusing :-)

> Let me know how this patch does for you. My testing has been fairly
> limited so far.

This patch looks like a much cleaner version :-). Works well for me, but my 
test setup may not be great since I didn't get any errors from completely 
ignoring the haves bitmap :-). --
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