2014/1/7 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> Francesco Pretto <cez...@gmail.com> writes:
>> The developer does it voluntarily, at his responsibility, because he
>> may decide to partecipate more actively to the development of the
>> submodule and still want to use a simple "git submodule update" to
>> updates his submodules, overriding its configuration as it can be done
>> for other properties like, for example, "branch".
> It is still unclear to me why we need attached/detached mode for
> that.  The developer may want to do an exploratory development,
> whose result is unknown to deserve to be committed on the specified
> branch at the beginning, and choose to build on a detached HEAD,
> which is a perfectly normal thing to do.  But the standard way to do
> so, whether the developer is working in the top-level superproject
> or in a submodule, would be to just do:
>         cd $there && git checkout HEAD^0
> or use whatever commit the state to be detached is at instead of
> "HEAD" in the above example, no?

Because of the overlapping change with the the other patch proposed by
Trevor, and to not generate confusion, I will stop for now pursuing
for an "attach|detach" command/switch specific for submodules, waiting
for Trevors's patch possible acceptance. After that I will see it
still makes sense or not.
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