On 01/08/2014 01:00 AM, Jeff King wrote:
> Now that our object/refname ambiguity test is much faster
> (thanks to the previous commit), there is no reason for code
> like "cat-file --batch-check" to turn it off. Here are
> before and after timings with this patch (on git.git):
>   $ git rev-list --objects --all | cut -d' ' -f1 >objects
>   [with flag]
>   $ best-of-five -i objects ./git cat-file --batch-check
>   real    0m0.392s
>   user    0m0.368s
>   sys     0m0.024s
>   [without flag, without speedup; i.e., pre-25fba78]
>   $ best-of-five -i objects ./git cat-file --batch-check
>   real    0m1.652s
>   user    0m0.904s
>   sys     0m0.748s
>   [without flag, with speedup]
>   $ best-of-five -i objects ./git cat-file --batch-check
>   real    0m0.388s
>   user    0m0.356s
>   sys     0m0.028s
> So the new implementation does just as well as we did with
> the flag turning the whole thing off (better actually, but
> that is within the noise).
> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <p...@peff.net>
> [...]

Very nice.  Correctness without a performance hit.


Michael Haggerty
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