Ryan Biesemeyer <r...@yaauie.com> writes:

> In this case it was not immediately clear to me how to add cleanup to an 
> existing
> test that dirtied the state of the test repository by leaving behind an 
> in-progress
> merge.

Jonathan's answer is an option. Another one is

test_expect_success 'cleanup' '
        git reset ...

So if the cleanup goes wrong, one can notice.

> I'm new to the mailing-list patch submission process; how would I go
> about adding it?

You can apply my patch with "git am" in your tree (or at worse, do it by
hand and steal authorship, I don't mind for a 2 characters patch ;-) ),
fix your patch to add the missing &&, and then resend with stg like "git
send-email -v2 --in-reply-to=<old-msg-id>"

> Submit the cover-letter & patches again?

Definitely submit patches again. Usually, the cover letter for a resend
emphasizes on changes compared to previous version.

> Squash your commit into the relevant one of mine?

Preferably not, as my fix is unrelated from yours (mine can come before,
as a cleanup).

Matthieu Moy
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