Øystein Walle <oys...@gmail.com> writes:

> But it's seems the spaces trigger some other way of interpreting the
> selector. In my git.git, git rev-parse HEAD{0} gives me the same result
> as HEAD@{ 0 } but HEAD@{1} and HEAD@{ 1 } are different.

The integer to specify the nth reflog entry (or nth prior checkout)
are never spelled with any SP stuffing. HEAD@{1} is the prior state,
HEAD@{-1} is the previous branch; HEAD@{ 1 } nor HEAD@{ -1 } do not
mean these things.

Any string inside @{...} that is _not_ a valid nth reflog entry
specifier is interpreted as a human-readable timestamp via the
approxidate logic (and used only when it makes sense).  " 1" happens
to mean "the first day of the month".
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