Tom Miller <> writes:

> After reading this and trying different things with the code. I believe
> it would make sense to continue to anonymize the url for output to the
> terminal.

Yes.  That is what the "anonymize" bit is all about.

> I also chose to continue to strip the trailing characters for the
> FETCH_HEAD file.  I wanted the input of the mailing list to see if we
> should also stop striping the trailing characters off of the url written
> to FETCH_HEAD? If so, I'll do it as a seperate patch.

These strings are used to come up with the log subject line for
merges, and there is a value in keeping them as short as possible by
removing unnecessary bits.

I wouldn't mind, and actually I suspect that it is more preferrable,
to make the consistency go the other way, that is ...

> Do not remove "/" and ".git" from the end of the header url when
> fetching. This affects the output of "fetch" and "fetch --prune"
> making the header url more consistent with "remote --verbose".

... to make "remote --verbose" abbreviate to match what you see from

Having said all that, the difference between the full URL shown by
"remote --verbose" (which is used to interact with the remote in
this repository) and the abbreviated URL (which is shown by "fetch"
and is designed to be sharable with others with a simple cut&paste)
matters only when there are a pair of ambiguously configured
repositories (e.g. there are two repositories "git://host/a.git/"
and "git://host/a/.git") that serve different things and you are
debugging the situation.  And to me, "remote --verbose" looks more
or less a debugging aid, nothing more.  So another alternative that
may be to leave everything as-is.

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