Jeff King <> writes:

>> Or is @{p} already taken by something and my memory is not
>> functioning well?
> It is my brain that was not functioning well. I somehow thought "well,
> @{u} is already taken, so we must use "@{pu}". Which of course makes no
> sense, unless you are middle-endian. :)
> We may want to be cautious about giving up a short-and-sweet
> single-letter, though, until the feature has proved itself. We could
> also teach upstream_mark and friends to match unambiguous prefixes (so
> "@{u}, "@{up}", "@{upst}", etc). That means "@{p}" would work
> immediately, but scripts should use "@{publish}" for future-proofing.

I recall we wanted to start only with "@{upstream}" without "@{u}";
justification being "if the concept is solid and useful enough, the
latter will come later as a natural user-desire", during the
discussion that ended up introducing them.

I am OK with the "unambigous prefix string".

Thanks for sanity-checking.

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