On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 05:29:46PM -0500, Pete Wyckoff wrote:
> Thanks for the patch, but I'm curious how you'd like this to
> work.  I never use the option myself.
> As it is, --prepare-p4-only generates a file in /tmp/ that has
> exactly the contents you'd see in the editor during "git p4
> submit".  It includes the diff of the change, presumably to help
> with writing the description.

Yes, I believe it makes sense to display the diff in this case, as we
can remove it later programmatically.
> Now you can't actually feed this file directly to "p4 submit"
> without deleting the diff.  That's the part you don't like?

Yes, I do not use that for submitting, but for shelving. I can run
git p4 submit --prepare-p4-only followed by p4 shelve -i < /tmp/...
and perforce will shelve the corresponding change.

Removing the diff could be done externally, however git-p4 itself
tells the user it can submit using the generated file, which is
not the case if we keep the diff in it.


Maxime Coste.
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