Lianheng Tong wrote:

> git clone W1:<path to A on W1>/.git  <path to A on W2>



 * More typical usage is to clone from a bare repository (A.git), which
   wouldn't have this problem.  But I think your case is worth
   supporting, too.

 * What would you think of putting symlinks in A's .git directory?

        cd A/.git
        ln -s ../B ../C ../D .

 * Perhaps as a special case when the superproject is foo/.git, git
   should treat relative submodule paths as relative to foo/ instead
   of relative to foo/.git/.  I think that would take care of your
   case without breaking existing normal practices, though after the
   patch is made it still wouldn't take care of people using old
   versions of git without that patch.  What do you think?

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