git gui crashes on my Linux machin since I updated it to

I had the message
Error in startup script: unknown option "-stretch"
    while executing
".vpane.lower paneconfigure .vpane.lower.diff -stretch always"
    invoked from within
"if {$use_ttk} {
.vpane.lower pane .vpane.lower.diff -weight 1
.vpane.lower pane .vpane.lower.commarea -weight 0
} else {
.vpane.lower paneconfigure..."
    (file "git/libexec/git-core/git-gui" line 3233)

So, I reverted the change that has been made in git-gui/git-gui.sh
(Diff and Commit Area)

I replaced

${NS}::panedwindow .vpane.lower -orient vertical
${NS}::frame .vpane.lower.commarea
${NS}::frame .vpane.lower.diff -relief sunken -borderwidth 1 -height 500
.vpane.lower add .vpane.lower.diff
.vpane.lower add .vpane.lower.commarea
.vpane add .vpane.lower


${NS}::frame .vpane.lower -height 300 -width 400
${NS}::frame .vpane.lower.commarea
${NS}::frame .vpane.lower.diff -relief sunken -borderwidth 1
pack .vpane.lower.diff -fill both -expand 1
pack .vpane.lower.commarea -side bottom -fill x
.vpane add .vpane.lower
if {!$use_ttk} {.vpane paneconfigure .vpane.lower -sticky nsew}

and now, git gui works as expected.


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