hi folks,

I have a git server which gets pushes of data (not code) from a couple
hundred VMs every hour. Every round of pushes leaves two stray .keep
files, so I am guessing two clients are having problems completing the
push. The contents being pushed are reports of a puppet run.

Is there a handy way to list the blobs in a pack, so I can feed them
to git-cat-file and see what's in there? I'm sure that'll help me
narrow down on the issue.

Are there other ways to try diagnose this?

Does the server-side record anything if a push fails? There are a
number of problems I am familiar with, and they always require
collaboration from the "client" side to spot and diagnose

 - a ref is not up to date and the server rejects non-ft
 - perms issues over objects or refs
 - ... catchable signals (ETERM?)

AFAIK, I think it doesn't, and maybe it should, even if it's as simple
as trying to spawn a pipe to ""/usr/bin/logger -t git-server" and
attach it to stderr...

This has veered a bit off topic, but I think it's important for large
git server installations.


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