Keith Derrick <> writes:

> I couldn't find a duplicate in the JIRA instance.

Don't worry, we do not use any JIRA instance ;-)

> According to the documentation of check-ref-format, a branch name such 
> as @mybranch is valid.


> Yet 'git check-ref-format --branch @mybranch@{u}' 
> claims @mybranch is an invalid branch name.

I do not think it claims any such thing.

    $ git check-ref-format --branch @foo@{u}; echo $?
    fatal: '@foo@{u}' is not a valid branch name
    $ git check-ref-format --branch @foo; echo $?

The former asks "Is the string '@foo@{u}' a suitable name to give a
branch?" and the answer is no.  The latter asks the same question
about the string '@foo', and the answer is yes.

So I do not see any bug here.

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