From: Alexander Shopov <>

Signed-off-by: Alexander Shopov <>
 po/glossary/git-gui-glossary.txt | 29 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 29 insertions(+)

diff --git a/po/glossary/git-gui-glossary.txt b/po/glossary/git-gui-glossary.txt
index 9b31f69..4093046 100644
--- a/po/glossary/git-gui-glossary.txt
+++ b/po/glossary/git-gui-glossary.txt
@@ -36,3 +36,32 @@
 "update"       ""
 "verify"       ""
 "working copy, working tree"   "The tree of actual checked out files."
+"ancestor"     "a commit that succeeds the current one in git's graph of 
commits (not necessarily directly)"
+"abort"        "prematurely stop and abandon an operation"
+"bare repository"      "a repository with only .git directory, without working 
+"base" "a parent version of the current file"
+"blame"        "get the authors responsible for each line in a file"
+"cherry-pick"  "to select and apply a single commit without merging"
+"child"        "a commit that directly succeeds the current one in git's graph 
of commits"
+"cleanup"      "clean the state of the git repository, often after manually 
stopped operation"
+"commit message"       "a message that gets attached with any commit"
+"descendant"   "a commit that precedes the current one in git's graph of 
commits (not necessarily directly)"
+"detached checkout"    "checkout of a revision rather than a some head"
+"file level merging"   "any merge strategy that works on a file by file basis"
+"head" "the last revision in a branch"
+"hook" "script that gets executed automatically on some event"
+"initial checkout"     "the first checkout during a clone operation"
+"local branch" "a branch that resides in the local git repository"
+"loose object" "a Git object that is not part of any pack"
+"master branch"        "a branch called by convention 'master' that exists in 
a newly created git repository"
+"origin"       "a remote called by convention 'origin' that the current git 
repository has been cloned from"
+"pack [noun]"  "a file containing many git objects packed together"
+"packed object"        "a Git object part of some pack"
+"parent"       "a commit that directly precedes the current one in git's graph 
of commits"
+"reflog"       "the log file containing all states of the HEAD reference (in 
other words past pristine states of the working copy)"
+"resolve (a conflict)" "decide which changes from alternative versions of a 
file should persist in Git"
+"revert changes"       "abandon changes and go to pristine version"
+"revision expression"  "expression that signifies a revision in git"
+"stage/unstage"        "add some content of files and directories to the 
staging area in preparation for a commit"
+"stash"        "temporarily save changes in a stack without committing"
+"tracked/untracked"    "file whose content is tracked/not tracked by git"

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