Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Ruben Kerkhof <ru...@rubenkerkhof.com> writes:

>> As a last check, I set smtpsslcertpath = /etc/pki/tls/cert.pem in
>> ~/.gitconfig and git-send-email works fine now.
> Which would mean that the existing code, by blindly defaulting to
> /etc/ssl/certs/ and misdiagnosing that the directory is meant to be
> used as SSL_ca_path, breaks a set-up that otherwise _should_ work.
> Ram (who did 35035bbf), with the patch from Ruben in the thread, do
> you get either the warning or SSL failure?  Conceptually, the
> resulting code is much better, I think, without blindly defaulting
> /etc/ssl/certs and instead of relying on the underlying platform
> just working out of the box with its own default,

FWIW this should help on Mac OS X, too.  Folks using git on mac
at $DAYJOB have been using the workaround described at
so I forgot to report it. :/

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