On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:46:59AM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Jeff King <p...@peff.net> writes:
> > diff_filespec has a 2-bit "dirty_submodule" field and
> > defines two flags as macros. Originally these were right
> > next to each other, but a new field was accidentally added
> > in between in commit 4682d85.
> Interesting.
>  - 4682d852 (diff-index.c: "git diff" has no need to read blob from
>    the standard input, 2012-06-27) wants to use this rule: all the
>    bitfield definitions first, and then whatever macro constants
>    next.
>  - 25e5e2bf (combine-diff: support format_callback, 2011-08-19),
>    wants to use a different rule: a run of (one bitfield definition
>    and zero-or-more macro constants to be used in that bitfield).
> When they were merged together at d7afe648 (Merge branch
> 'jc/refactor-diff-stdin', 2012-07-13), these two conflicting
> philosophies crashed.
> That is the commit to be blamed for this mess ;-)

That makes sense. I had assumed it was a mis-merge initially, so was
surprised to find 4682d85. It just looked like an error to me, but the
rule you gave above does at least make sense.

I'm happy with it either way. I almost just pulled the macro
definitions, including DIFF_FILE_VALID, out of the struct definition
completely. I see the value in having the flags near their bitfield, but
it makes the definition a bit harder to read.

> I am of course fine with the end result this patch gives us.

Me too, though if you feel like doing it the other way, I'm fine with
that, too.

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