2014/1/17 Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Strainu wrote:
>> strainu@emily:~/core> git review -f
>> Creating a git remote called "gerrit" that maps to:
>>         ssh://stra...@gerrit.wikimedia.org:29418/pywikibot/core.git
>> Your change was committed before the commit hook was installed.
>> Amending the commit to add a gerrit change id.
>> At this point I ended the transaction, as I was confused by the last
>> message: I was afraid the ChangeId would have changed, causing the
>> patch to be attached to another review.
>> I think git should not show this message if the change description
>> already has a change id
> This message doesn't come from git.  It comes from the git-review
> tool (in git_review/cmd.py), so cc-ing the authors in case they
> have thoughts on that.

Thanks for clarifying that. I'll log a bug on launchpad then.

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