Yuri wrote:

> Timezone here doesn't help the log reader at all. It doesn't even
> reflect the actual location of the submitter. Instead, it should be
> converted to the local TZ of the client. This will make it easier to
> read and understand the time.

Does "git log --date=local" or "git log --date=relative" do what
you're looking for?

If so, you can set that permanently by setting 'date = local' or
'date = relative' in the [log] section of your ~/.gitconfig.  See
log.date in the git-config(1) manpage for details.

I wonder if 'date = relative' would make a better default.

> Even further, timezone shouldn't even be stored by the git server.

I've found it very useful and would consider that a regression, at

Thanks and hope that helps,
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