I want to install git onto my home network - in fact, truth be told,
it's already on my server, but I have some questions as to its

First of all, my network.  At the 'centre' (practically, if not
logically) is my Mac.  I consider this my 'central repository' of
everything.  Mail, documents, blog posts etc.  Everything is on this
machine.  The Mac is backed up i) to an external drive with Time
Machine, ii) to my Linux server (more on that below) via rsync and
iii) to my personal Linux laptop which sits on 27/7 at work via rsync.

My server.  This is a Linux server runing CentOS 6.5, and working as a
webserver, fileserver, MySQL server, mail server (primary MX), and is
the 'public face' of my domain name.

Then there are two other Linux servers - one running MySQL
replication, and the other as a publically-accessible 'sandbox' on
which people whom I train can connect via a specific port, and mess
around, with no possibility that what they do will damage other parts
of the LAN.

So basically, what I'd like to do is this.  I want to write code,
write blg posts, write essays for university, whatever.  And I want to
use git to maintain revisions, but where do I store them?  Do I make
the Mac my hub?  I have a git client on there.  Do I make the server
my 'hub'?  If I make the server the 'hub', then won't rsync back-ups
from the Mac to the server wipe them out?

I confess that my preference would be to use the server, because I
occasionally bring the Linux laptop home from the office and use that,
and don't want to connect it to the Mac.

Anyway, basically .. that's it.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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