On 01/22/2014 12:22 PM, Michael Haggerty wrote:
> I just noticed that there are exactly four Git manpages with an "AUTHOR"
> section and five with a "DOCUMENTATION" section:
>     $ make doc
>     $ grep -nIE -e '^\.SH "DOCUMENTATION|AUTHOR"' Documentation/*.[0-9]
>     Documentation/git-column.1:80:.SH "AUTHOR"
>     Documentation/git-for-each-ref.1:272:.SH "AUTHOR"
>     Documentation/git-for-each-ref.1:275:.SH "DOCUMENTATION"
>     Documentation/git-http-backend.1:404:.SH "AUTHOR"
>     Documentation/git-http-backend.1:407:.SH "DOCUMENTATION"
>     Documentation/git-notes.1:395:.SH "AUTHOR"
>     Documentation/git-notes.1:398:.SH "DOCUMENTATION"
>     Documentation/git-remote-ext.1:133:.SH "DOCUMENTATION"
>     Documentation/git-remote-fd.1:71:.SH "DOCUMENTATION"
> These sections are inconsistent with the other manpages and seem
> superfluous in a project that has, on the one hand, a public history
> and, on the other hand, hundreds of contributors.  Would the mentioned
> authors (CCed) consent to the removal of these sections?
> I don't want to step on any feet here.  If you want to keep these
> sections, I have no objection.  But my guess is that people added them
> in these few instances without realizing that these sections are not
> commonly used in Git documentation.

Thanks for the quick responses, everybody.  I'll prepare a patch.


Michael Haggerty
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