Due to the alignment bug in another thread, I had the pleasure of
visiting my old friend Solaris 9 today. The tests _almost_ all run out
of the box.

This series features two minor fixes:

  [1/2]: t7501: fix "empty commit" test with NO_PERL
  [2/2]: t7700: do not use "touch -r"

I had a few other failures related to encodings; I suspect the problem
is simply that the machine in question doesn't have eucJP support at

The big one that I did not fix is in t7001-mv. We do this:

  test_must_fail git mv some-file no-such-dir/

and assume that it will fail. It doesn't. Solaris happily renames
some-file to a regular file named "no-such-dir". So we fail later during
the index-update, complaining about adding the entry "no-such-dir/", but
still exit(0) at the end. I'm mostly willing to just call Solaris crazy
for allowing the rename (Linux returns ENOTDIR), but I do wonder if
the index codepath could be improved (and especially to return an

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