Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> So I don't actually think anybody should need to be retrained, or
> "always use the local:remote" syntax. The local:remote syntax exists
> only for that special insane case where you used (the same)
> local:remote syntax to push out a branch under a different name.
> [ And yeah, maybe that behavior is more common than I think, but even
> if it is, such behavior would always be among people who are *very*
> aware of the whole "local branch vs remote branch name is different"
> situation. ]

As the new default for "git push" would push to the same name, I
agree that people who are now forced to use local:remote syntax
would be the ones who know what they are doing [*1*].

So there are two remaining items, I think.

 - After creating a tags/for-linus signed tag and pushing it to
   tags/for-linus, asking request-pull to request that tag to be
   pulled seems to lose the tag message from the output.

 - Docs.


*1* Not that it is always acceptable to break the existing users as
    long as they are clueful ones and they are given an escape hatch.
    But this time I know I won't be in the middle of firestorm like
    the one we had immediately after 1.6.0, as long as I keep the
    URL of the message I am responding to in the list archive ;-)
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