On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 11:24:36PM +0100, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > In general, I'm wary of changing permissions on a file to suit Windows's
> > rename because of the symlink issue and the security issues that can
> > result.
> I agree on the Windows issue.

I personally feel that if Windows needs help to change permissions for a
rename, that code should only ever be used on Windows.  Doesn't
mingw_rename automatically do this anyway, and if it doesn't, shouldn't
we put the code there instead?  Furthermore, it makes me very nervous to
make the file 666.  Isn't 644 enough?

> > Hard links probably have the same issue.
> No, hard links have their own permissions. If you change the permissions
> on a hardlink, any other hardlinks to the same content are unaffected.

Not according to link(2):

  This new name may be used exactly as the old one for any operation;
  both names refer to the same file (and so have the same permissions
  and ownership) and it is impossible to tell which name was the

My testing confirms this.

More importantly, while one might not want to symlink a pack frequently,
git clone -l does use hard links.  This means that if a local clone is
made somewhere, and then the original repository is repacked and hits
this case, the clone is now vulnerable to tampering by a malicious user
(assuming that user can read the appropriate directory).  So unless I'm
reading this wrong, this patch would cause security problems on all Unix

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