Is there something that can be done about improving
git log --follow -- <file> performance to be nearly
equivalent speed to git blame -- <file> ?

The overall cpu time taken for these 2 commands that
track individual file history can be quite different.

        git log --follow -- <file>
        git blame -- <file>

It seems that there can be a couple orders of magnitude
delta in the overall time taken.

For instance (using the Linus' linux kernel git):

$ time git log --follow -- drivers/firmware/google/Kconfig > /dev/null

real    0m42.329s
user    0m40.984s
sys     0m0.792s

$ time git blame -- drivers/firmware/google/Kconfig > /dev/null

real    0m0.963s
user    0m0.860s
sys     0m0.096s

This particular file has never been renamed.

Looking at the output on screen, there does seem to
be 25+ seconds of cpu time consumed after the initial
(last shown) commit that introduces this file.

Perhaps adding a whole-file rename option to the
"git log" history simplification mechanism could


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