Just a quick update for the enthusiasts. My branch file-watcher [1]
has got working per-user inotify support. It's a 20 patch series so
I'll refrain from spamming git@vger for a while, even though it hurts
your eyes a lot less than what I have posted so far. The test suite
ran fine with it so it's not that buggy. It has new tests too, even
though real inotify is not tested in the new tests. Documentation is
there, either in .txt or comments. Using it is simple:

$ mkdir ~/.watcher
$ git file-watcher --detach ~/.watcher
$ git config --global filewatcher.path $HOME/.watcher

There's still some polishing work to do. But I think the core logic is
done. I have some ideas what to be polished, but I'd appreciate
feedback if anyone uses it. We may need to make lookup code faster

MacOS, FreeBSD and Windows contributors. If you have time and are
interested, have a look at the protocol, which is basically documented
in file-watcher.c:handle_command(), and see if something is
incompatible with your file notification mechanism. MacOS and FreeBSD
may reuse code from file-watcher.c, at least the unix socket part. I'm
not so sure about Windows. It probably needs a brand new daemon
because little could be shared, I don't know. I deliberately design
the daemon dumb so writing a completely new one won't be so hard. My
plan is focus on inotify and get it merged first, then new OS support
can come later (with refactoring if needed, but should not change the
protocol drastically).

[1] git clone https://github.com/pclouds/git.git file-watcher
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