Christian Couder <> writes:

>> I find it a bad taste to allow unbound set of <token> on the LHS of
>> '=' on the command line, but that is a separate issue in the design,
>> not in the documentation of the design.
> I don't understand this sentence, sorry.

It is a bad design taste to structure the command line argument in
such a way that it takes

        git cmd xyzzy=frotz nitfol=rezrov some other args

where these 'xyzzy', 'nitfol', etc. form an unbound set.  It
prevents future enhancements to the command from allowing anything
that contain '=' in "some other args" part.

Allowing not just '=' but also ':' makes it even worse.

But these are issues in the design itself.  Not the issue in the
patch 17/17 that is trying to document the design.  This patch under
discussion documents the bad design correctly ;-)

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