I asked about this problem on #git@freenode and someone suggested I submit it 
to this list. I have a case where the output of a merge gives a conflict and 
produces the following file:

Code Block A
<<<<<<< HEAD
Code Block B
>>>>>>> branch-B
Code Block B' (similar to code block B but not exactly the same).

Here is what HEAD looks like 
Code Block A
Code Block B' 

and branch-B:
Code Block A
Code Block B

I thought that taking a conflicted file like above and removing the three 
following lines:
<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> branch-B

was supposed to produce *exactly* the branch-B version?

1°/ was I wrong to believe this implied promise?
2°/ if not, is this a known problem with git merge's default recursive 
strategy? (I didn't change any default configuration about merging).
3°/ If yes to question 2°/, is there a known workaround for it? I am trying to 
move my team to git, but we already have a hard time understanding how it 
works. I'm really hoping it's a case of us not understanding things and not a 
bug :-)

Thanks in advance for any answer, I'm willing to answer any question to help 
create a test case for this.

Vincent Bernardi

P.S.: I am using git
The Kameleoon team.
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