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> On Jan 30, 2014, at 3:45 PM, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> I do find the failure mode interesting. The endian-swapping code kicked
> in when it did not, meaning your are on a big-endian system. Is this on
> an ancient PPC Mac? Or is the problem that the code did not kick in when
> it should?

Erm.  I was perhaps writing my analysis too quickly.  I was running on a x86_64 
Mac, so it wasn't included when it was supposed to be.  Or whichever you said 
that I didn't.  ;-)

> Either way, we should perhaps be more careful in the bitmap code, too,
> that the values we get are sensible. It's better to die("your bitmap is
> broken") than to read off the end of the array. I can't seem to trigger
> the same failure mode, though. On my x86 system, turning off the
> endian-swap (i.e., the opposite of what should happen) makes t5310 fail,
> but it is because we end up trying to set the bit very far into a
> dynamic bitfield, and die allocating memory.

To be more specific, I hit an assertion failure at in ewah_iterator_next() 
(ewah/ewah_bitmap.c:355) when running `git rev-list --test-bitmap HEAD` (and 
others if I don't have it die immediately).  That seems to me that there is a 
check to ensure it doesn't run off the end.  Perhaps you have assertions 
disabled so hit an error somewhere else?

~~ Brian Gernhardt

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