John Keeping <> writes:
> I actually wonder if you could do this with notes and git-grep; for
> example:
>     git grep -l refs/notes/amlog |
>     sed -e 's/.*://' -e 's!/!!g'
> That should be relatively efficient since you're only looking at the
> current notes tree.

I added notes handling to gitifyhg and would search it similar to this.
Since gitifyhg is two-way, I could not modify the commits.  Later, when
we converted several repositories (up to 50k commits/80 MB), I appended

  Hg-commit: $Hg_commit_hash

to all the commit messages.  This way it shows up on the web interface,
users don't have to obtain the notes specially, and "git log --grep"
works naturally.  I think it's worth considering this simple solution;
existing Git users won't mind recloning once.

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