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> But then I run:
> git grep 'mnTitleBarHeight =' sd
> and it's not there. Am I missing something, as in e.g. even with
> --full-history git-log does some simplification?

I tried to reproduce this with a repo from scratch, and it seems my
problem is the following:

1) "A" creates a feature branch
2) "A" works on it, and in the meantime master progresses as well
3) "A" merges master to the feature branch
4) "A" does some additional changes, and -- in an evil way -- uses "git
commit -a --amend" to squeeze these into the merge commit
5) "B" (that's me) comes and try to find out where a string got deleted,
but can't.

Here is a reproducer script:

rm -rf scratch
mkdir scratch
cd scratch
git init
echo -e "a\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\n" > a
git add a
git commit -m init
git branch feature
echo "b" >> a
git add a
git commit -m "more master changes"
git checkout feature
sed -i '1iXXX' a # insert first row
git add a
git commit -m "feature"
git merge -m merge master
sed -i '1d' a # delete first row
git add a
git commit --amend -m "merge"

I now know that the XXX got removed by the merge commit, but how can I
see it that I'm right? If I run 'git log --all -p' in the result, I see
that XXX got inserted by one commit, now I don't have it, but I don't
see any deletion, which confuses me.

Any ideas? :-)



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