Jeff King <> writes:

> The safest thing would be to turn off auto-color when LESS (or any of
> the pager environment variables) is set at all (and not worry about
> whether "R" is set; only know that _we_ are not setting it, so we cannot
> count on it). But that would potentially inconvenience a lot of people
> whose default color would suddenly go away.

That is just as safe as disabling color for everybody, isn't it?
Half of existing users have LESS with R, and the other half do not
have LESS at all.  The former will be harmed, the latter will not
see any difference.

Oh, and then new users who do not know R for LESS will not even
notice that Git could support coloured output.  Those among them who
read manpages and find --color option will then see ESC[33m in their
output and we are back to where we started X-<.

So I think we are already at the safest place.  Those who see ESC[33m
will know they are missing some good stuff and can ask around, which
is better than doing anything else at this point.

I think that is the same conclusion as yours, "there is nothing to
be done."

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