On 02/05/2014 07:25 AM, Michael Haggerty wrote:
> These patches apply on top of gitster/nd/more-skip-prefix.
> I noticed that Duy's new function skip_prefix_defval() was mostly
> being called with its first and third arguments the same.  So
> introduce a function skip_prefix_if_present() that implements this
> pattern.

I see I should have read the whole previous thread [1] before firing off
this patch series.  What I learned when I read it just now:

* Johannes Sixt didn't think changes like the following improve

> -             if (starts_with(arg, "--upload-pack=")) {
> -                     args.uploadpack = arg + 14;
> +             if ((optarg = skip_prefix(arg, "--upload-pack=")) != NULL) {
> +                     args.uploadpack = optarg;

* René Scharfe submitted a patch to use a function parse_prefix()
  (originally suggested by Peff) instead of Duy's suggested approach:


  His patch appears to have been overlooked.

* Duy seemed to offer to rewrite his patch series, but I don't think
  that it has happened yet.

And then the conversation was drowned by Christmas eggnog.

I don't have a strong feeling about (Duy's proposal plus my patches) vs.
(René's parse_prefix() approach).  But I definitely *do* like the idea
of getting rid of all those awkward magic numbers everywhere.



Michael Haggerty
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