This Saturday I'm going to be attending a Git hackday held by Bloomberg
in New York. The participants will be eager C coders who have experience
using git, but not contributing to it. As somebody who has read The
Mythical Man Month, I don't expect huge productivity, but I'm hoping to
do some bug triage and fixes, and maybe get some people involved who
might join the community. I'm hoping some of the folks will have
features _they_ want to work on, and I can help get them started. But
I'd like to have a list of potential projects to direct people towards
as a backup.

On a similar note, the GSoC application deadline is Feb 14th. I am
happy to be admin again and put together the application, but we will
need an idea page. I'll set up a page to collect them, but in the
meantime, please dump any ideas/discussion in this thread.

Below is a list of features / bugs that I am taking to the hackday. The
bug list was collected by grepping the mailing list for items without
responses. They haven't been triaged at all, so I'm sure some of them
are "not a bug" or "won't fix".  But the triage process is part of what
we'll be doing on Saturday.

I don't think the list below and the potential GSoC list really have any
overlap, as the project scales are completely different. But I'd be
happy to take suggestions for either.


 - negative refspecs

 - optionally remove tempfiles on failed pack-objects (especially when
   we get ENOSPC)

 - previewing "git pull"


 - branch.*.merge interpreted too strictly by tracking logic

 - relative core.worktree is resolved from symlink and not its target

 - Branch rename breaks local downstream branches

 - git clone on out-of-space device causes incorrect errors

 - commit-msg hook and merges

 - inconsistent include behaviour for core.sharedRepository

 - Rebase options '--whitespace=fix' and '--keep-empty' are incompatible

 - git stash doesn't use --index as default

 - git describe --contains --abbrev=0 <sha1> doesn't work as expected

 - using git commit-tree with "-F -" adds trailing newlines

 - Pull and fetch don't honor `--progress` flag

 - Unexpected outputs of git pull on stdout v.s. stderr

 - MERGE_HEAD lost with git checkout master

 - git stash doesn't always save work dir as-is: bug?

 - Well-past commit dates unsupported

 - we do not handle integer overflow in commit/author timestamps
   [no reference, but something I have noticed; we should probably
   return a sentinel "0" rather than a random overflow value, and
   we should probably detect and warn in git-fsck]

 - git stash does not work when directory is replaced by a symlink to itself

 - rebase not recovering gracefully from repack error

 - (broken ?) output of "git diff --color-word"

 - git filter-branch does not make tree replacements permanent

 - 'git show' gives duplicate errors for ambiguous args

 - (git commit --patch --message $MESSAGE) disallows hunk editing

 - filter-branch --parent-filter in bare repository

insanely hard bugs:

 - shallow clones over http
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