I've built/installed git from src,

 git --version
  git version 1.9.rc2.15.g89ba81d

& installed/sourced 


For all git-core builtins, autocompletion works.

I've also installed contrib/subtree

`git subtree` works, but I get no autocompletion for the command.

I've tried adding/sourcing this script (@

_git_subtree ()
local cur="${COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD]}"

if [ $COMP_CWORD -eq 2 ]; then
__gitcomp "add merge pull push split"
elif [ $COMP_CWORD -eq 3 ]; then
__gitcomp "--prefix="
__gitcomp "$(__git_remotes)"

but still get not subtree autocomplete.

What's neede to enable subtree's autocomplete?
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