Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Someone asked in a private reply how this interacts with t0003.

It was me mistakenly using "reply" not "reply all".

> t0003 tries check-attr in a bare repository.  The question is, is that
> a desirable feature, and are people relying on it?

Running tar-tree from a public distribution point comes to mind.
bootstrap-attr-stack seems to have reference to is-bare-repository
to validate the attribute direction to read from the index, but I
tend to think what it really wants is to read from HEAD not the

> How do I use the only-look-at-HEAD mode from a non-bare repo?

Is "You don't" a good answer?

Use of --cached when your index matches HEAD is the equivalent, and
if the index differs from HEAD, you must have had a reason to add
that change to .gitattributes to the index, so I think it is
reasonable to honour that change.
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