Am 07.02.2014 10:15, schrieb Gábor Lipták:
> I think I have found a bug related to submodules and directory diff.
> See the details at hXXp://

Let's inline the recipe one finds after decrypting this link:

~/Projects/MAINMODULE/platform/SUBMODULE [master]$ git difftool -tool=meld 
--dir-diff --cached
  fatal: Could not switch to '../../../../platform/': No such file or directory
  diff --raw --no-abbrev -z --cached: command returned error: 128
~/Projects/MAINMODULE/platform/SUBMODULE [master]$ cd ..
~/Projects/MAINMODULE/platform [master]$ cd ..
~/Projects/MAINMODULE [master]$ git difftool -tool=meld --dir-diff --cached
  // NO PROBLEM, works.
~/Projects/MAINMODULE [master]$ git version
  git version 1.8.4

> If you need any further details, just ask.

- Does this only happen when you use difftool? E.g. what does
  "git status" inside the submodule say?

- What does "git config core.worktree" print when run in the
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