Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> Trailing spaces are invisible in most standard editors (*). "git diff"
> does show trailing spaces by default. But that does not help newly
> written .gitignore files. And trailing spaces are the source of
> frustration when writing .gitignore.
> So let's ignore them. Nobody sane would put a trailing space in file
> names. But we could be careful and do it in two steps: warn first,
> then ignore trailing spaces. Another option is merge two patches in
> one and be done with it.
> People can still quote trailing spaces, which will not be ignored (and
> much more visible). Quoting comes with a cost of doing fnmatch(). But

Hmph, sorry but I fail to see why we need to incur cost for
fnmatch().  We read and parse the file and keep them as internal
strings, so your unquoting (and complaining the unquoted trailng
spaces) can be done at the parse time, while keeping the trailing
spaces the user explicitly told us to keep by quoting in the
internal string that we eventually feed fnmatch() with _after_
unquoting, no?


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