On 2014-02-10 11.37, Duy Nguyen wrote:
>> Could we use relative path names internally, relative to $GIT_DIR ?
> No because this is when the client tell the server about $GIT_DIR. I
> guess we can use realpath(1) here.

I realized that the watcher can watch several repos at the same time.

However, we could allow relative path names, which will be relative to 
and loosen the demand for an absolut path name a little bit.
And $SOCKET_DIR can be the same as $GIT_DIR, when we are watching only one repo.
> If you want I can update test-file-watcher to accept "send<" and
> "recv>" instead of "<" and ">", respectively. The only command with
> the same name for response and request is "hello". I can make it
> "hello" and "helloack" (or "bonjour" as response?).

helloack looks good. 

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