Jeff King <> writes:

> Here it is as a Real Patch™. I just based it on master, so it can
> replace your 5537/5538 fix in your series.

Thanks, looks good.  Will put this at the bottom and rebuild the
nd/http-fetch-shallow-fix series on top.

>   1. Is there anybody who has apache installed who would _not_ want to
>      bring it up for the test?
>   2. Is there anybody for whom the failure mode of bringing up apache
>      would be unpleasant (e.g., if it hangs the tests or something)?
> For (1), we could perhaps have a GIT_NO_TEST_HTTPD to avoid it.
> For (2), I suspect we may need to make our error handling more robust,
> but getting people to run it is the first step to figuring out what the
> problems are.
> If we go this route, we should probably do the same for
> GIT_TEST_GIT_DAEMON in t5570 (and for that matter, we should probably do
> the same for the port numbers).

All good points.
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