After requesting this as, I was told to take it
upstream, so here I am.

I would like a text=input feature added that has the same behavior as
text=auto, except that it defaults to core.autocrlf=input behavior
instead of core.autocrlf=true. This would ensure that the repository
is normalized and the text files in the working directory match what
is in the repository by default. In mysysgit#164, I highlighted the
behavior changes in a spreadsheet. This would still allow users to set
core.autocrlf=true if they want CRLF on their Windows system. Using
text=input instead of text=auto would ensure that Windows build
servers like TFS and TeamCity compile libraries with code that matches
exactly what is in the repository. This in turn, would make it much
much easier to do source indexing using my SourceLink project. :)

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