Jeff King <> writes:

>  - Branch rename breaks local downstream branches

If you have a branch B that builds on A, if you are renaming A to C,
you may want B to automatically set to build on C in some cases, and
in other cases your renaming A is done explicitly in order to severe
the tie between A and B and setting the latter to build on C can be
a bad thing---after all, the user's intention may be to create a
branch A starting at some commit immediately after this rename so
that B will keep building on that updated A.

So I am not sure if this is a bug.

>  - git stash doesn't use --index as default

I tend to think "git stash" was designed to work this way from day

>  - using git commit-tree with "-F -" adds trailing newlines

According to the initial commit that introduced this option, it
deliberately calls strbuf_complete_line() to make sure we do not
leave an incomplete line at the end.

Many of the other items in your "bugs" section seem to be worth

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