On Feb 11, 2014, at 16:06, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Johan Herland <jo...@herland.net> writes:

There is currently no way the "git notes" commands will allow you to
store the 3d7de37 commit object directly as a note. There is also
(AFAICS) no easy workaround (git fast-import could've been a
workaround if it did not already require the first N/notemodify
argument to be a blob object). The best alternative, off the top of my
head, would be to write your own program using the notes.h API to
manipulate the notes tree directly (or - suboptimally - use other
low-level Git operations to do the same).

Even worse. I do not think such a non-blob object in the notes tree
does not participate in the reachability at all, so you won't be
able to fetch "refs/notes/whatever" and expect to get a useful
result.  I do not think storing the raw bits of commit object as a
blob in the notes tree is useful behaviour, either.  The command
probably should refuse to get anything non-blob via that option.

It would be nice if it let you store a tree or a blob, but I agree that it should complain about anything non-blob by default and if tree were to be allowed, that should require a special option.

If you do manually construct a notes tree that has a 'tree' entry instead of a blob, as soon as you add a new note, that 'tree' gets turned back into a blob again. I was trying to attach a 'tree' as my note a while back and decided not to pursue it further after I found it got transformed into a 'blob' on the next notes modification.
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