The Google Summer of Code application process is upon us. We have about
34 hours until the deadline (2014-02-14T19:00 UTC) . That's not very
much time, but I know some people have been thinking about projects for
a while, so I have hope that we can put together an ideas page.

What we need immediately is:

  - somebody to be the backup admin (I am assuming I'll be the primary
    admin, but as always, if somebody else wants to...)

  - ideas ideas ideas

    The email I sent out last week generated some response, but what I
    really need are people to write up full ideas as they would be read
    by students (and by GSoC personnel who are reading our application).

    As mentioned in a related thread, I'd really like to avoid just
    reposting proposals that didn't get any traction in previous years.

    Tomorrow I'll try to look through some of the links that have been
    posted, or collect stuff from the list. But I really need other
    people to contribute, or it's going to be a lame list.

I've put the application draft here:

You can make suggestions in this thread, or edit it by cloning:

and post a patch, or send a pull request, or I should be able to give
people push access to the repo. It's a bit of an experiment, in the same
realm as the wiki we've used in the past.

The idea page is there, too, but there's nothing good on it yet:

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