On Fri, Feb 07, 2014 at 09:48:52PM +0400, Kirill Smelkov wrote:
> instead of allocating it all the time for every subtree in
> __diff_tree_sha1, let's allocate it once in diff_tree_sha1, and then all
> callee just use it in stacking style, without memory allocations.
> This should be faster, and for me this change gives the following
> slight speedups for `git log --raw --no-abbrev --no-renames`
>                 navy.git    linux.git v3.10..v3.11
>     before      0.547s      1.791s
>     after       0.541s      1.777s
>     speedup     1.1%        0.8%

The timings above was done with

    `git log --raw --no-abbrev --no-renames --format='%H'`

Please change them to correct timings:

                navy.git    linux.git v3.10..v3.11

    before      0.618s      1.903s
    after       0.611s      1.889s
    speedup     1.1%        0.7%

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