Junio C Hamano <gitster <at> pobox.com> writes:

> I would rather see us go in the direction to add "-z" output option,
> which is what everybody else that produces NUL terminated entries in
> our suite of subcommands does.

I agree that -z would help in this case and I very much appreciate that
option when using diff --name-only, ls-files, etc.

However, when specifying a format string it's just a matter of ending
the format string in '%00' and you're good to go. But then you get the
null byte *and* a newline. And with your proposal there would be no way
of saying you want neither.

I expected the output to be formatted according to a (repetition of) the
format string, not some variation of it that I couldn't opt out of. But
I see that git-log also shows this behavior and already has a -z option,
so I guess that's fairly ingrained.

Maybe it's just me? In that case I've no problem with throwing in the


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