>> For example, how would you express something like this only with
>> "if-exists" vs "if-missing"?
>>       if_exists_exactly = ignore
>>         if_exists_with_different_value = append
>>         if_missng = prepend_to_the_beginning
> First, previously in the discussion you said that you didn't want us
> to talk about the "where = (after | before)" part, because you could
> see that it was orthogonal to the other stuff, but now it looks like
> you want again to put that on the table.

Oh, then replace both "append" and "prepend" with "append" (it was a mistake).
Can you express that without having two kinds of if-exists?

> But it could be possible with only "if-exists" vs
> "if-missing" like this:
>         if_exists = append_if_different
>         if_missing = prepend
> ...
> because we can still easily express things like:
>         if_exists = append_if_different_neighbor

The proliferation of these random "if_X" on the action part _is_ exactly
what I find the proposal confusing.
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