On Sat, 15 Feb 2014, Kyle J. McKay wrote:

If pipelining is off (the default) and total connections is not 1 it sounds to me from the description above that the requests will be executed on separate connections until the maximum number of connections is in use and then there might be some reuse.

Not exactly. When about to do a request, libcurl will always try to find an existing idle but open connection in its connection pool to re-use. With the multi interface you can of course easily start N requests at once to the same host and then they'll only re-use connections to the extent there are connections to pick, otherwise it'll create new connections.

Daniel Stenberg (7 Jan 2014)
- ConnectionExists: fix NTLM check for new connection

Looks like you're just lucky as that above change first appears in 7.35.0. But it seems there are some patches for older versions so they might be affected as well [2].

Right, the problem is there to make sure that a NTLM-auth connection with different credentials aren't re-used. NTLM with its connection-oriented authentication breaks the traditional HTTP paradigms and before this change there was a risk that libcurl would wrongly re-use a NTLM connection that was done with different credentials!

I suspect we introduced a regression here with that fix. I'll dig into this.


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